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A group of students being trained in hurling and camgoe skills.

Our vision has been established through strong and vibrant relationships between the Club and the entire School community. We cannot strive to achieve our goals without communication and cooperation from Teaching Staff, Coaches, Parents and of course, the Children themselves.

Liam Mellows enjoys access to our local Schools; and for many Children this is their first and perhaps only engagement with Gaelic Games. Our philosophy for Hurling & Camogie in the Primary School is one of maximum participation, to introduce children to the game, and offer them an opportunity to play without fear, judgement or segregation. We believe in using the following motto for our Schools Coaching Programme – “100% of the children, 100% of the time.”

The “Fundamentals of Hurling” School Programme was designed by Paudie Butler (former National Director of Hurling). The Programme is essentially physical education through the medium of Hurling & Camogie and consists of three main strands – athletics, gymnastics and games. The beauty of this Programme is that it’s totally inclusive for all ages, genders and experience levels. We implement games-based coaching sessions where the stakes are low and the emphasis is on enjoyment, while promoting a culture of inclusiveness whereby every child is allowed the opportunity to play.

The primary outcome of the Programme is that Children associate a hugely positive experience with the games of Hurling & Camogie while learning fundamental movement skills that precede sport specific skill competence and aid lifelong physical activity. Our hope is that if children are not members of a Hurling & Camogie Club they will feel safe and welcome to join Liam Mellows or, if they do not wish to continue playing when they leave school, can cherish their childhood memories of playing our great game.

Remembering that Children eventually become Adults we endeavour to give them an image of Hurling & Camogie that is inclusive and Child centric, unlike other adult-dominated sports. We believe by introducing Children to Hurling & Camogie in Primary School that they are also afforded with many opportunities for learning that will enhance their experience of curricular physical education and extra-curricular School Sport.

If we are mindful of the reason why we play Hurling & Camogie at this level, we can ensure that Children will leave school with a positive association towards Gaelic games and sport in general.